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About Us

​Grace  Cares understands the importance of the way caregivers interact with pets and the difference it makes.

Grace with Grace Cares shares and contributes its knowledge with its community offering a quality service full of values ​​and responsibility.

Grace Cares creates an enthusiastic environment and makes pets the # 1 priority setting.

Her loyalty and knowledge have made Grace Cares fluent and professional for caregivers, parents and pets.

Our Story

Grace began as a volunteer rescuing animals in her country Venezuela, where she found her passion and love for animals. She was accompanied by her first pet, her dog Bongo, who for her was more than her best friend.


Grace has always wanted to give the same love that she shared with Bongo to needy animals and that is why she collaborated in different associations and learned how to give them the care they need.

Grace continued to contribute her love and knowledge in Panama and Mexico for more than 6 years.


When she arrived in the USA, together with her husband, she decided to continue on the same path and decided to open the doors of Grace Cares.

With Grace Cares, she wants to bring all her knowledge and love to the pets she cares for, giving them a unique and personalized care experience. She describes the pets she takes care of as her fur babies, and we can observe it by seeing how all the pets behave when they see her.


Grace Cares team works daily to be better and give everything, so all pets have the best moment of love and fun.

You and your pet will not regret having chosen the best team

Meet The Team

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